Today:25 March, 2019


Welcome to The Hype Salad – a blog by Natalie & Rodrigo! To sum up what this site is about and why it was created we’re just going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions 🙂

Where’s RihannaDaily/AliciaKeysDaily/KellyRowlandWeb?

Nat: I’ve started to create websites when I was 16 years old. At first it was a hobby, then it became my job. But with time it was too complicated to run so many fansites so I’ve started to put them on hitus. We’ve decided to focus on RihannaDaily. Unfortunately due to reasons beyond our control in October 2018 we were forced to put it on hiatus as we just couldn’t give the fans news that they would expect.

Now, since we want to continue running our page we’ve decided to mix all our interests together creating a mix (salad) of topics in one place.

Why you just won’t open RihannaDaily?

Here you will find the exact same news and content we would post on RihannaDaily. It’s just expanded with even more news about other artists. If you don’t like the extra you can still browse the page via

What’s the site going to be about?

Anything and everything through Natalie’s & Rodrigo’s perspective. We love talk music so if we will find something interesting we will share here. The aim of the site is not only to post about estabilished, mainstream artists but also discover new, emerging artists.

Why The Hype Salad?

Because it’s a mix of content and to be honest… why not?